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Valley View Community Primary School




Religious Education’s primary purpose at Valley View is to give our pupils a broad understanding of Christianity, world faiths and non-religious beliefs; sometimes referred to as ‘religious literacy’. We want our pupils to grow up religiously literate, giving them the opportunity to develop a broad and balanced understanding of different religions, worldviews and communities, especially their own. Through this, our pupils will grow up as respectful, tolerant citizens.


Through the teaching of RE we aim to:

  • develop critical thinking skills
  • nurture pupils’ awareness of the treasury of diversity as well as sensitivity to the questions and challenges that different views and cultures can present. Ultimately, we all share a common humanity and share this patch of the Earth. In this way, it plays a part in helping pupils to discover their own place and journey through life.
  • broaden perspectives of faiths and cultures, encouraging tolerance of diversity
  • nurture spirituality
  • help pupils become positive, participating citizens of the world.



Our RE syllabus recognises and uses the structure of national guidance published by the RE Council for England and Wales. However, it has been adapted to suit the local context of West Yorkshire. Our syllabus focuses on specific core religions at each key stage: Christianity and Islam, alongside non-religious perspectives, from key stage 1, extending to Sikhism and Judaism at key stage 2.

· RE at Valley View is taught through key questions, enquiry and investigation. Each unit of work focuses on a key question related to the subject content of the syllabus. Children will analyse the question, investigate the relevant beliefs, practices and ways of life, and offer reasoned and critical responses.

· A whole-school long-term plan provides continuity and progression within the teaching of RE. This provides opportunities to retrieve prior knowledge, allowing children to make links to previous learning.

· Valley View Community Primary School uses “Believing and Belonging”, the agreed syllabus for Religious Education in Calderdale, Kirklees and Leeds, which provides a detailed and structured resource for planning, provision and assessment.

· Children will have opportunities to visit various faith communities throughout their time at Valley View to broaden the children’s understanding and experience of our communities and world.