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Valley View Community Primary School




 By the time they leave primary school we want our pupils to understand when to use technology, how to use technology safely and the positives and negatives of being a digital native.  We want them to know that through the use of technology they are part of an increasingly wide and global community that can be used to allow our children to become democratic and socially confident.  Opportunities to allow our pupils to present their ideas and share their voices and opinions are threaded through our computing curriculum.  We teach them to value diversity and appreciate how the technology around them can benefit their lives. 


Through deepening their understanding of online content we want our pupils to consider that there may be bias in opinions and information online and to take account of this when forming their own opinions.  We ensure that learning about online safety has a high priority within our computing curriculum and we teach the children to understand the impact of their own actions and decisions when using social media.



At Valley View, our computing lessons utilise the online Purple Mash platform. We have created a comprehensive progression document for staff to follow to best embed and cover every element of the computing curriculum.  Through a clear sequence of unit plans and individual lessons, pupils have the opportunity to retrieve previous learning as well as being introduced to new skills and challenges. We ensure that the curriculum is enhanced in each year group so that the children get to experience coding in a variety of practical ways.


The link below can be used to see the progression of skills and knowledge that will be taught each year:

Computing Progression Document